uncommon gold

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Formed in October 2006, Uncommon Gold has had a sporadic public face but a prodigious creative output. In various personnel line-ups the band has performed at a variety of local + regional venues, played the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, recorded for CBC Radio’s ‘Canada Live’, written, recorded + produced songs + incidental music for film, shot numerous videos, released a self-produced album on Plunge Records + written / recorded more than a dozen new songs for release in 2010.

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current / past + guest collaborators:

Tim Tweedale (pedal / lap steel + trumpet)

Josh Cole (bass)

Dan Gaucher (drums)

Jimmy Baldwin (guitar + bg vox)

Jon Kooy (drums / production + bg vox)

Maren Kooy (vox)

Natalie Mackie (viol da gamba) 

Robert Kenney (design / photos + video)

Brice Ferre (video + editing)

Ian Mackie (percussion)

Craig Waddell (video + mastering)

Stephen Fisk (vox / bass / guitars + production)