uncommon gold

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slow burn  •  title track from the debut album on plunge records, 2008

karma she's approaching  •  in times of inconvenient truth we’re lucky to have bob marley

sleepless  •  so much to do, so little time, so much mind garbage

into the flames  •  got to take the heat if you want to touch the flame

run aground  •  “let’s turn this sinking ship around”

free water  •  an improvised song inspired by J. D. Sachs’ book “the end of poverty”

when the time has come  •  . . . you’ll know

electricity  •  someone out there will dig this song, we worked it up for you!

lonely road  •  thanks to students at SMMO for inspiring this ‘cowboy’ story

soul mine  •  the genesis of uncommon gold, thanks to Carl Jung + Joseph Campbell

produced + recorded + mixed by jon kooy + stephen fisk + robert kenney  Sept 07 - Jan 08

mastered by craig waddell  available for purchase at plunge records + iTunes store

tim tweedalepedal + lap steel + trumpet   /   stephen fisk guitars + voice

josh colebass   /   dan gaucherdrums   /   jon + maren kooy bg vox + percussion

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