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“ This is pop with depth and conscience ... a fresh outlook with highly original lyrics.”  -  CBC Radio

“ … tone plus intellect, it’s a deadly combination!”  -  Rob Friedman, owner of NJAMS (Vancouver)

“ Fisk’s spirit of innovation is alive & well.”  -  George Russell, composer/author (Boston)

“ Fisk plays with a deceptive looseness creating the illusion of free-fall.”  -  The Chronicle Herald (Halifax)

“ … the angst of punk rock with this jazzy vibe.”  -  Calgary fan

“ Fisk’s group displays assured, polished interplay with a strong sense of improvisational & compositional form ...       crisp, intelligent new music.”  -  Earshot Jazz (Seattle)

“ … the heart of Neil Young with an improviser’s savvy.”  -  Vancouver fan

“ Fisk’s debut CD is a contemporary stir-fry that crackles with urgency & tension. A recording that will set a           modern Canadian standard.”  -  The Calgary Herald

“... the introspective work of guitarist Steve Fisk is a guiding force...”  -  The Jazz Report (Toronto)

“ … love this music, I want to belly dance to it & post it on YouTube!“  -  another Calgary fan

“ Fisk embodies the tradition of jazz guitar ...”  -  Coastal Jazz & Blues Society (Vancouver)

“ Fisk has a sound all his own.”  -  Paul Bley, improviser (New York)

“ One of the most fulfilling releases this year. Fisk’s band takes musical democracy to a high level.”

- The Ottawa Citizen

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